In order to align the spaces into a 21st century usage the architects (Robothams) led an aspiring vision to the refurbishment works.

The Challenge

The restoration and preservation of listed buildings pose unique challenges, particularly when addressing modern comfort needs without compromising their historical integrity.

With a grade 2 listed status and features of high heritage interest, the usual complete strip and renewal of services could not be applied. We had to work within the constraints of the existing building with bespoke solutions for the incorporation of services.

This project aims to develop a comprehensive strategy for ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and lighting in a listed building while respecting its heritage considerations.

Client: Coventry City Council
Location : Coventry
Sector: Public Sector
Architect: Robothams
QS: Saville Brown Associates

The Solution

Preserving the architectural integrity of the listed building required a thoughtful approach to ventilation. The project incorporated a discreet integration of advanced ventilation systems that enhance indoor air quality. Utilising discreet air vents and filtration systems, to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants while respecting heritage guidelines. The implementation of an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system in the meeting rooms was crucial for the listed building's functionality and occupant comfort.

Preserving the historical ambiance while ensuring adequate lighting was a delicate balance. The project used a lighting design that combined natural light optimisation with energy-efficient artificial lighting. The introduction of smart lighting controls will allow for dynamic adjustments, mimicking natural lighting conditions throughout the day. This approach not only respects the historical context but also contributed to energy conservation.

Where services were to be run an innovative technique of employing faux finishes was utilised to mimic the appearance of historic materials and finishes.

This project sort to harmonise modern comfort requirements with the preservation of a listed building's heritage. Carefully selecting and integrating innovative technologies, the solutions aimed to strike a balance between functionality, sustainability, and historical authenticity. The outcome of this endeavour not only enhanced the building's usability but also serve as a model for sustainable heritage preservation in projects of a similar nature.

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