Robust funding support for success

Our funding experts can help you to secure funding from various streams, including the Low Carbon Skills Fund, the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, and the Condition Improvement Fund. We help clients create a robust plan and turn these commitments into action through a combination of detailed designs and funded capital works.

Having a robust heat decarbonisation plan places clients in a strong position to take the next steps in their journey, enabling them to develop detailed designs that will help to apply for future grant funding for capital works. This enables clients to make strategic decisions and be better prepared for future opportunities.

Our dedicated team includes architects, building surveyors, low-carbon building services engineers, and acousticians. We understand the benefit of completing a strategic plan, with stakeholder engagement and detailed design works prior to accessing funding to significantly increase the chances of successful delivery of a project.

The strategies our team develops are based on experience in delivering projects, and ensuring viability, They can support clients through planning, application submission, delivery, and post-completion monitoring.

Our key attributes

Energy and Sustainability Expertise

In-depth knowledge of the ‘whole building’ approach, energy efficiency technologies, and renewable energy systems.

Experience with Public Sector Projects:

Prior experience working on projects within the public sector, understanding the unique challenges and dynamics involved.

Knowledge of public procurement processes, budget constraints, and administrative requirements.

Salix Funding Program Understanding:

Thorough understanding of the Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, including eligibility criteria, funding options, and application procedures.

Ability to navigate and coordinate with Salix to ensure compliance with funding requirements.

Project Management Skills:

Strong project management capabilities to effectively plan, execute, and monitor project activities.

Experience creating detailed project plans, setting milestones, and managing timelines.

Skill in coordinating project teams, contractors, and stakeholders.

Track Record of Success:

Evidence of successful delivery of similar energy efficiency or decarbonisation projects within the public sector.

Positive references from previous clients.

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