Enhanced Decision Making

Our BIM team has a wealth of knowledge across multiple sectors, informed by over a decade of Syntegral’s experience in innovating with collaborative modelling.

It is a coordination ethos powered by advanced software, allowing the team to work more efficiently with our partners when designing, creating, and maintaining the building services assets. The model is capable of storing key product and asset data that can be used throughout a project lifecycle from concept through to the facilities team during operation.

As the model is a simulation of real-life performance, it can be used for forecasting, including energy consumption. It has the capacity to become a central information store for the building's entire lifespan. Offering a continually updated record of essential data for the safe and efficient management of the building.

Syntegral’s team brings the BIM knowledge we have gained over the years to client's projects, improving design efficiency and quality, whilst reducing risk during the early stages.

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