Lighting Solutions for the Modern era

Our environment and comfort within spaces is heavily impacted by both natural and artificial light. Modern developments utilising the latest LED lighting technologies aim to best replicate natural light to provide the most natural and comfortable areas to work, rest and carry out given tasks. Factors to consider include lighting colour temperature, illumination levels and overall distribution of light to maximise comfort. Discoveries such as the natural circadian rhythm related to exposure to light have an impact on people's health and wellbeing. Ideally buildings are designed to make the most use of natural light and in turn minimise artificial lighting required, hence making buildings more energy efficient.

Our Electrical Engineering department has a vast array of lighting knowledge and expertise to suit all project types and sectors with regard to designing both energy and cost efficient solutions. We work with clients ranging from architects to installing contractors to engage in the delivery of engaging spaces that inspire people from all walks of life.

We utilise the latest software packages to model all factors that affect lighting design inclusive of daylight data. Lighting, be in natural or artificial form can have a large impact on individuals overall health and wellbeing as as such Syntegral aim to deliver lighting designs sympathetic to the environment, aesthetically pleasing and as energy efficient as possible, whilst providing solutions that are easily maintained and installed.

We ensure all lighting services inclusive of emergency lighting and external lighting systems are designed to all the relevant CIBSE guidelines and Standards to provide compliant solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Syntegral’s team works closely with many industry leading manufacturers and specialists to ensure we are at the forefront of modern day design and controls philosophies.

We offer a full range of lighting design and daylight calculation services for an all inclusive package. From daylight calculations to internal and external lighting design, modelling and co-ordinated services drawings.

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