The Syntegral approach is to redefine traditional paradigms in MEP Consulting. We are anchored in innovation, efficiency, and a passion for delivering designs that elevate building value.

Our dedicated teams collaborate closely with clients, striving to understand their unique needs and aspirations. This partnership ensures that our M&E solutions are tailor-made, and precisely aligned with project objectives.

Empowering progress through decarbonisation and the relentless pursuit of building better – our team's commitment to a sustainable future.

Martin Bull , Associate Director
  1. Tailored Solutions for each project:

Recognising the distinctiveness of each client and project, we craft bespoke M&E solutions to meet unique project needs. Our team is dedicated to creating solutions that optimise efficiency, manage costs and are future proof, most importantly, ensuring client satisfaction.

  1. Integration and Innovation at the Core:

Integration is the cornerstone of our designs. We harness cutting-edge technologies and seamlessly blend multidisciplinary expertise to engineer forward-thinking solutions. Our commitment to pushing boundaries enables us to create sustainable, efficient, and reliable M&E systems.

  1. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency:

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our work. We prioritise energy-efficient designs with synergy between building fabric, services, energy and the environment that not only reduce operational costs but are easily maintainable and user-friendly. Our solutions are carefully crafted to balance functionality with environmental responsibility.

  1. Comprehensive Project Management:

Effective project management is crucial to our success. From planning to execution, our meticulous management ensures timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to the highest quality standards.

  1. Client Collaboration and Communication:

Collaboration with our clients is the bedrock of our approach. We value open communication and seek continuous feedback, creating a symbiotic relationship that ensures client expectations are not only met but exceeded.





Empowering Clients

Our commitment to providing expert guidance, customised solutions, innovative designs, and seamless project management underscores our dedication to empowering clients in their pursuit of successful projects.


Enabling Architectural Vision

We are committed to integrating M&E solutions seamlessly into designs, enhancing functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics in a collaborative and innovative manner.


Bringing Projects to Fruition

Our expertise helps developers optimise costs with designs that are both efficient and cost-effective, enhancing the overall value of the project.


Specialised Support

We are committed to enhancing technical understanding, providing precise condition surveys, offering energy efficiency insights, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. We strive to facilitate comprehensive assessments, contributing to more accurate evaluations and informed decision-making.

Public Sector Organisations

Securing Funding with Specialised Support

Our commitment is providing technical expertise, sustainable solutions, compliance assurance, cost-effective designs, and collaborative project management. We aim to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and functionality of public sector facilities for the benefit of the communities they serve.

National and Local Government

Technical Consultation and Expertise

We are dedicated to supporting both national and local government initiatives with our technical expertise, sustainable solutions and compliance knowledge. Our goal is to aid in the delivery of successful projects providing robust and efficient solutions that enhance communities.