The Challenge

For the Arcadis Office Fit Out, Syntegral’s appointment started at Stage 4, with a review of the Stage 3 works prepared by the previous consultants. Arcadis needed a more modern, functional workplace that could flexibly adapt to their evolving needs. Their brief was to create an environment that works for everyone. For them, this meant providing a more inclusive experience, enhancing wellbeing, improving collaboration and innovation, and driving a culture of trust, respect, and ownership.

They have long been at the forefront of digitisation, looking at ways to use technology and data to improve efficiencies, sustainability, and the operation of buildings. This was the brief for their own office space.

Client: Office Principles 
Location : London
Sector: Commercial / Industrial
MEP Contractor: BSN Group

The Solution

The project team collaborated closely with Arcadis to understand their evolving needs and created MEP designs that offered flexibility, adaptability, and scalability. Smart controls were utilised to accommodate changes in workspace layouts and technology requirements.

The team prioritised Well-being with a design focus on air quality and acoustic comfort. The fan coil units included advanced air filtration systems and noise reduction measures to create a healthy work environment.

The central ventilation system included VAV dampers, giving individual space control to suit demand and reduce energy consumption.

Our acoustic team implemented soundproofing materials and strategic placement of MEP equipment to minimise noise levels and maintain a comfortable environment.

The team fostered a collaborative design environment involving all stakeholders in regular design reviews and decision-making processes. Open communication and feedback were encouraged throughout the design to ensure the project’s success.

A really great workplace is one that enables great work. Be that innovation, collaboration, creativity or just plain old getting stuff done – the best workplaces support results. 80Fen does this like no other workplace I’ve ever been in and has the added bonus of being an inspiring, uplifting and sustainable place to spend my time

Peter Hogg, UK Cities Director

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