Paradise street wide shot with circular bollards
Street view with concrete benches
Street from afar
Street view with sun reflecting off the windows

The Challenge

A quarter of the new homes will be classed as affordable. The housing scheme will also include part of Coventry’s 700-year-old city wall, a protected monument at the site.

The brief is to create modern and sustainable living spaces that harmoniously blend into the urban fabric while providing residents with accessible amenities and breathtaking views.

Client: Rainier Developments
Location : Coventry
Sector: Residential
Architect : Maber

The Solution

A whole-building approach is to be adopted for heating and ventilation, balancing indoor air quality with efficient energy use. The solution provides effective fabric u-values, combined with heat recovery ventilation, reducing heating operating costs and overall energy consumption.

The team is to provide a fully coordinated MEP design, including sprinkler and smoke ventilation systems, to ensure the safety of occupants and building protection.

Our energy modelling and acoustic teams will be working closely with the MEP engineers to provide effective insulation, and natural ventilation where feasible, simplifying the ventilation systems, reducing costs, and adding value for the client.

We believe the scheme will bring energy and vitality to the site, help the economy of the city centre and drive footfall for businesses there.

Gavin Gallagher, Rainier Developments

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